Handling of unpackaged perishable foodstuffs

A worker who works on food premises and handles unpackaged perishable foodstuffs is required to have

  • a hygiene passport (a proficiency certificate) (Food Act 23/2006, section 27 subsection 2)
  • appropriate protective clothing (Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Food Hygiene at Reported Food Premises 1367/2011, section 17). 

Evira has compiled a  table (in Finnish) on what is considered to be safe handling of unpackaged perishable foodstuffs and what is not. It is presented using practical examples. The table is divided into three parts:

  • Does not require a hygiene passport or protective clothing
  • Requires a hygiene passport and appropriate protective clothing
  • Does not require a hygiene passport, but requires appropriate protective clothing.


Handling of unpackaged, perishable foodstuffs in a food establishment -table (20.3.2018 pdf)