Total diet replacements for weight management

As of 20 July 2016, total diet replacements are provided for in Regulation 609/2013 on food for particular nutritional uses.  The scope of this Regulation covers both LCD and VLCD total diet replacements used as replacement for the whole of the daily diet for weight reduction purposes.

The European Commission is preparing a Delegated Regulation which will lay down more specific compositional and information requirements for total diet replacements. The process is still ongoing, but the Delegated Regulation is estimated to be adopted in 2021. Until then, the requirements laid down in Decision 904/1997 of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on weight loss products are applied to LCD total diet replacements. For VLCD total diet replacements, more specific requirements for composition are not available until the adoption of the Commission's new Delegated Regulation.


As of 20 July 2016, meal replacements for weight management are either fortified foods or ordinary foods, depending on their content. This applies to both LCD and VLCD meal replacements.

The manufacturer or the importer of the meal replacement shall verify that their product meets the requirements laid down in legislation.

  • Labelling shall comply with the Food Information Regulation.
  • Only authorised nutrition and health claims referred to in Claim Regulations may be used in marketing.
  • If vitamins or minerals are added in the product, the requirements of the Fortification Regulation shall be complied with.