Vitamin A in labelling

Evira is changing their recommendation for coefficient of equivalence for carotenoids to correspond to EFSA’s opinion

The previous recommendation was to use the coefficients based on the nutritional recommendations of the Nordic countries. The recommendation is now to start using the coefficients of equivalence based on EFSA's opinion in order to standardise the calculation principles within the EU.

Vitamin A on labelling ­– coefficients of equivalence for carotenoids

All substances with the biological activity of retinol are referred to as vitamin A. These include for example pro-vitamin A of vegetable origin, or carotenoids, such as ß-carotene. Retinol activity is expressed as retinol equivalents (RE).

1 RE equals:

  • 1 µg vitamin A (retinol)
  • 6 µg ß-carotene
  • 12 µg other carotenoids


More information on the subject: EFSA's Opinion - Scientific Opinion on Dietary Reference Values for Vitamin A