Allergen labelling error: Deficient labelling on Jakobsen chocolate confection - no warning given about possibility of peanut residues

Jakobsen chocolate confection 840 g, best before date 10.06.07, may contain peanut residues although no warning of this is provided on the labelling. The product may be dangerous to persons allergic to peanut.

The product is manufactured by Carletti A/S, Denmark. The importer Oy Halva Ab has initiated action to withdraw the product from the market, and has informed consumers about the matter. For more information, please contact Pekka Kiiskinen, tel. +358 (0) 9 – 774 6200.

At the Finnish Food Safety Authority Eivra the matter is handled by Tytti Itkonen, tel. +358 (0) 2077 24296, e-mail