ALLERGY ALERT: The origin of the additive lysozyme (egg) in goat cheese not displayed

The information regarding the origin of the additive lysozyme is missing from the Finnish and Swedish labelling of the goat cheese Soignon Tomme de Chèvre. Lysozyme originates from eggs. The allergen is mentioned on the French and English labelling.

The food can be hazardous to those allergic to eggs and therefore the importer of the cheese, Kesko Food, withdrew the faulty product batches from the K-stores on 17.7.2009 and is relaying the information to the consumers.
People allergic to eggs can return the product to the shop they bought it from, or contact Kesko Food consumer service, tel. 0800-0-1000 (9.00 to13.00).

Product information:

Name: Soignon Tomme de Chèvre – goat cheese, 175 g
Producer: Eurial Poitouraine
Importer: Kesko Food
EAN: 3523237753008

The withdrawal concerns all product batches.

For additional information:
Kesko Food Consumer Service, tel. 0800-0-1000 (9.00 to13.00).

At Evira the matter is handled by:
Senior Officer, Head of Section Annika Nurttila, tel. 020 772 42 90,