FullContact Max Potency Food Supplement to be withdrawn from the market

Evira has banned the sale of all batches of the FullContact Max Potency product and has ordered Arvokanta Oy as the contract giver and importer to withdraw the foodstuff from the market. Two ingredients the like of the medicinal substance sildenafil were found in the product in an analysis carried out in the Finnish Customs Laboratory. The analysis was ordered from the Finnish Customs Laboratory by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. The ingredients found may cause severe adverse cardiac effects. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra.

The use of FullContact Max Potency marketed for enhancement of sexual performance can result in severe health hazards for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and they should immediately discontinue the use of the product. If consumers suspect the product has caused them adverse effects, they should seek medical advice. Any adverse effects should also be reported to the municipal food control authorities.

The substances found in the product have, with great probability, been identified as thio-sildenafil and thio-homosildenafil. Products containing these substances are on the basis of their properties comparable with prescription drugs. The classification of the product Full Contact Max Potency to determine whether the product is a medicinal product or not its pending at the Finnish National Agency for Medicines .

FullContact Max Potency also contains novel food ingredients not authorised for use in foodstuffs, as the substances the like of sildenafil found in the product have no history of food use.

Consumers are asked to return the product to the point of purchase.

Product information:
Name: FullContact Max Potency
Marketed by: European Energy Company Oy, www.fullcontact.fi
EAN: 6430030010023
The withdrawal applies to all product batches.

More information can be obtained from:
Arvokanta Oy: Jakke Viheriä, tel. +358 (0) 40-8404084 and Tero Kudjoi, tel. +358 (0) 400-625 575

The matter is at Evira handled by:
Annika Nurttila, Senior Officer, Section Head, tel. +358 (0) 2077 24290, annika.nurttila at-merkki.gifevira.fi,
Minna-Maija Väänänen, Senior Officer, tel. +358 (0) 2077 24295, minna-maija.vaananen at-merkki.gifevira.fi and Jorma Pitkänen, lawyer (legal issues), tel. +358 (0) 2077 24303, jorma.pitkanen at-merkki.gifevira.fi

The matter is at the national Agency for Medicines (therapeutic classification) handled by:
Kristiina Pellas, Senior Pharmaceutical Officer, tel. +358 (0) 9-47 334 336, kristiina.pellas at-merkki.gifnam.fi

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