Incorrect allergen labelling: Liver sausage manufactured by Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo Oy contains milk protein, which is not indicated in the list of ingredients

Manufacturer: Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo Oy, Huittinen
Best before: 4.11.2008 and earlier dates
Package size: 300 g

Kivikylä's liver sausage contains milk protein, but it is not indicated in the list of ingredients. The product may be unsafe to persons allergic to milk protein, but poses no hazard to other people.

The product has been withdrawn from the market and consumers have been informed about the matter by newspaper announcements.

Customers who have purchased the product and are allergic to milk protein are asked to return the defective products to the store where they bought it or to the manufacturer. They will be refunded for the purchase price.

More information can be obtained from the Sales Department of Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo Oy, tel. +358 (0) 2-560 7500

At Evira the matter is handled by: Annika Nurttila, Senior Officer, tel. +358 (0) 2077 24290, annika.nurttila