Inex is withdrawing sliced green olives of the Rainbow brand from the market due to the risk of broken glass pieces

Rainbow sliced green olives produced for Inex Partners Oy, 235/142 g jars (EAN 6415712500818) are being withdrawn from the market due to a piece of glass that was found in the product. The best before date is 26.01.2009 and the batch code is L-704-E (found on the edge of the lid). The product had been delivered for sale to the S Group’s Alepa, Sale, S-Market and Prisma chains and the Spar shops.

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At Food Safety Authority Evira the matter is handled by Senior Food Inspector Arja Kaiponen, tel. 020 77 24288 between 31.5.-1.6, and by Senior Inspector Pirkko Kostamo, tel. 020 77 24236 as from 4.6. E-mail: