Manufacturing defect suspected in canned meat products produced by Riipisen Riistaherkut Oy

Riipisen Riistaherkut Oy is withdrawing the following canned meat products from the market:

Karhu paté (Bear pate), 210 g
Riekko paté (Willow grouse pate), 210 g
Teeri paté (Black grouse pate9, 210 g
Hirvi paté(Elk pate), 210 g
Poro paté (Reindeer pate), 210 g
Metso paté (Great grouse pate), 210g

Hirvi (Elk) 100%, 210 g
Poro (Reindeer) 100%, 210 g
Karhu (Bear) 100%, 210 g

The withdrawal concerns product batches with a sticker on the base showing the marking 8-2012 or 9-2012. The elliptical identification mark on the banderol of the can shows the number 3170.

Due to a possible error in the manufacture of the product, the safety of the food may have been compromised. The products in question must not be eaten.       

Consumers in possession of these products can return them to the store where they were purchased, or contact Riipisen Riistaherkut Oy by e-mail or telephone.

Tel. weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. 
Pekka Riipinen, +358 (0) 400 177627
Markus Riipinen, +358 (0) 500 177627                   

The products can also be returned without charge using the parcel services of Matkahuolto in Finland. The parcels should be addressed to
Riipisen Riistaherkut Oy, Kuusamo, Finland.
Agreement No. 06730005 and marking: returned product 8-2012 or 9-2012

Riipisen Riistaherkut Oy asks consumers to provide their contact information with the returned product to obtain a replacement product.

The matter is at the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira handled by
Auli Vaarala, Head of Unit, tel. +348 (0) 2077 24274 or +358 (0) 50 3868420 and by Senior Food Control Officer Pirjo Korpela, tel.+358 (0) 2077 24235, e-mail