Packaging error: Sunnuntai Sydänystävän mixed baking product which contains for example wheat has been packaged in error into Elovena oatmeal bags

Due to the packaging error Ravintoraisio Oy has withdrawn the product Elovena kaurahiutale (oatmeal) 2 kg (best before 21.6.2009) from the market:

Sunnuntai Sydänystävän mixed baking product was packaged as a trial at the Ravintoraisio production plant. Elovena oatmeal 2 kg bags were used for the trial packaging. As a consequence of human error these bags have been mixed with the normal Elovena oatmeal 2 kg bags and delivered to wholesale shops. The product has also ended up in retail shops. The ingredients in Sunnuntai Sydänystävän mixed baking product are: four grain flakes (oats, wheat, barley and rye), oat bran, linseed 10 %, dried carrots and plums 8 %. The matter is being investigated based on customer feedback.

As the Elovena oatmeal 2 kg bag does not contain oatmeal, but the mentioned mix of flakes, seeds, carrots and plums, the product may be harmful to people with allergies to ingredients in this mix.

The empty packaging is requested to be returned to Raisio consumer service at the address: Asiakaspalautus, Ravintoraisio Oy, Kuluttajapalvelu, PL 101, 21201 Raisio. The product can be used if the user is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the product. The product can also be disposed of with the mixed waste.

For additional information, please contact: Product Manager Okku Kalliokoski, Ravintoraisio Oy, telephone 040 869 6077

At Food Safety Authority Evira the matter is handled by Senior Officer Annika Nurttila, telephone 020 77 24290,