Quality defect in Valio's Gefilus® juice drinks and berry soups

The affected products are:

Valio Gefilus® juice drinks 1 l, PP

6408430064298 grape-raspberry-mandarin
- best before dates 15.6.06 and 06.07.06

6408430064892 pineapple-carrot + calcium 
- best before date 6.7.06

6408430064670 apple-guava + soy
- best before dates 1.7.06 and earlier

6408430064595 apple-grape
- best before dates 4.7.06 and earlier

6408430064885 five fruits
- best before dates 6.7.06 and earlier

Valio Gefilus® berry soups 1kg

6408430065035 blueberry-raspberry
- best before dates 6.7.06 and earlier

6408430065301 strawberry-rose hip, no added sugar
- best before dates 7.7.06 and earlier

The products contain yeast. The defect is indicated as possible swelling of the package and a defective taste. For the most sensitive consumers, the defective product may cause some upset stomach symptoms.

Valio Oy asks consumers to return products that bear the indicated best before dates primarily to the point of purchase. For more information, please contact the Consumer Service of Valio, tel. +358 (0) 800 -0825, www.valio.fi

Contact person in the Food Safety Authority: Senior Officer Mari Raahenmaa, tel. +358 (0) 20 77 24246, e-mail: mari.raahenmaaat-merkki.gifevira.fi