Sulphites in Fig Vincotto Vinegar: The labelling on the packaging does not display that the product contains sulphites and the quantity of sulphites exceeds the permitted level

Product information:
Name: Fig Vincotto Vinegar, in Finnish Viikuna Vincotto and in Swedish Fikon Vincotto
Package size: 250 ml
Best before: marv/30/2015
Batch number: LOT 409
Producer: Agricola Calogiuri for Vincotto SRL (Italy)
Importer: Stockmann Oyj

The product batch in question has been for sale at the Stockmann Herkku shops in Helsinki, Tapiola, Turku and Tampere. The Stockmann Herkku shops removed the product in question in its entirety (all batches/dates) from the market at the latest on 4.8.2009.Consumers are requested to return the product to the place of purchase for reimbursement.

More information on the matter: 
Purchasing Manager Pirjo Hellman, Stockmann Oyj Abp, telephone 0500 465 753.

At Evira the matter is handled by:
Senior Officer Taina Rautio, tel. 020 772 4289, e-mail