Two canned products withdrawn from sale due to traces of horse meat

Lidl Finland has withdrawn two products from sale. The products are
- Coquette Ravioli, 800 g, manufacturer William Saurin
- Coquette beef goulash, 500 g, manufacturer Dreistern
The products were withdrawn from the stores over the weekend 15 – 17 February 2013, because their producers have in European news releases been linked with horse meat. Lidl has since carried out its own DNA analyses and found traces of horse meat in the beef. The analyses were carried out in Germany.

Both products have been on sale in all the Lidl stores of Finland. Some 30 cans of the goulash and some 100 cans of the ravioli have been withdrawn from each store.

Lidl Finland took immediate action, when it became aware of the suspicions related to the manufacturers. The products were withdrawn from sale with delay. The products have been removed from the stores.

Lidl Finland has announced that it will have all its beef-containing products analysed. The schedule for the completion of the analyses is still open. The Company started DNA analyses of its own accord as soon as the first suspicions regarding the producers were made public.

Horse meat is not hazardous to health, but if the customers wish, they can return the aforementioned products to a Lidl store for a full refund.

More information:
Lidl Finland, customer service, asiakaspalvelu at-merkki.gif : 1 kB, telephone +358 (0) 800 0 5435
The matter is at Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira handled by
Senior Officer Annika Nurttila, annika.nurttila at-merkki.gif : 1 kB, tel. +358 (0) 29530 4290.

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