Control of biological control agents and pollinators

The purpose of controlling the marketing, use and import of macro-organisms used for biological control and pollination is to prevent the risks posed to plant health. Control agents that are widely used in the Southern and Central Europe may unexpectedly behave like pests in the different Nordic conditions.

The purpose of the control is to ensure:

  • the quality of micro-organism products;
  • the use of control agents for approved purposes; and
  • the proper marketing of the products.

As part of the acceptance procedure for new species, Evira informs the environmental authorities so as to address the potential risks to the environment caused by the control agents and pollinators concerned. An example of such potential risks is the displacement of indigenous species.

Responsibility for control rests with Evira and Tukes

Macro-organisms must be approved by the authorities before they can be marketed, used or imported. The approval can be applied for by a company, its agent, or an individual farmer. The approval application or notification of macro-organism products is to be filed with Evira.

The responsibility for the approval and control of microbial products used for plant protection purposes (fungi, bacteria and viruses) rests with the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. The approval process is similar to that pertaining to plant protection products.

A precondition for the approval for any macro-organism is that the control agent or pollinator concerned does not constitute a risk to plant health. Mere notification is sufficient if the species is indigenous to Finland or included in the list of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO). Other species must be subjected to Evira’s approval.
Evira maintains a file of approved biological control agents and pollinators. The file will be available on this site after notifications have been submitted of the first species or approval has been applied for them. The products listed in the file may be used for the indicated purposes.

Notifications of the species presently used for biological control and pollination must be submitted by 31 December 2013.