Frequently asked questions

1. Which permits are needed for import of bumble bees?

First of all, it depends on whether the bumble bees are imported from within the EU, Norway or Switzerland, or from outside the EU. Import from EU countries, Norway or Switzerland is trade in the internal market and the operator is in that case required to register as an importer and at the same time submit a notification or approval application for the pollinator species and the product, if they are not listed on the Evira's site pertaining to control agents.

When importing bumble bees from outside the EU, a health certificate shall be submitted. Veterinary border control shall also be requested for the consignment by submitting a pre-notification to the Traces system.

2. Is it permitted to order biological control agents from abroad? 

Biological control agents may be ordered from abroad. If the ordered control agent is included in EPPO's list of permitted species (standard PM 6/3), a notification shall be submitted to Evira. If the species is found in the file of species approved by Evira, only the product and the intended application, if any, need to be notified.

If the species is not included in EPPO's list or Evira's file, Evira's pre-authorisation is needed before a product containing the species can be used. For species that have already been approved, it shall be checked in Evira's file if the product containing the species and the intended application have been approved.