Obligations of entrepreneur

The placing of fertiliser products on the market

This page contains a summary of the statutory duties of the entrepreneur related to the placing of fertiliser products on the market.

Obligation of notification

Before starting the production or the marketing of a fertiliser product, the entrepreneur has to give notice of initiation of commercial activity to the Section for Fertiliser Products at Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. Attached with the notice there has to be a description of the organisation of the activity, product information on the products and a written plan for the entrepreneur’s own checks. Changes in the activity or closing down of the activity also have to be reported in writing. The notices are to be made on forms published by Evira.

The obligation of notification does not concern wholesale or retail trade operations or entrepreneurs who solely transport, store or use fertiliser products or their raw materials.

Duty of record keeping

The entrepreneur has to keep records in order to ensure the traceability of the products. The records have to contain the purchases and origin of the fertiliser products and their raw materials, the quantities of products produced, the transfer of products and places of storage. Records also have to be kept of the quantities of imported and exported products and raw materials.

The entrepreneur has to report to Evira once a year the information needed on produced or marketed fertiliser products. This annual notification is requested for at the end of the year.

Own checks and approval of establishments

An entrepreneur in fertiliser products has to have a system for own checks, by which the entrepreneur can ensure that the fertiliser product and the treatment of it fulfil the statutory requirements. The entrepreneur has to know what the critical stages of production and treatment are for the quality of the fertiliser products, and has to control these.

A plan for the own checks has to be made in writing, which is to be supplied as an attachment to the advance notice on the operation to Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira’s Section for Fertiliser Products. The plan for own checks has to be updated when there are significant changes to the operation and the updated plan has to be supplied to the Section for Fertiliser Products as an attachment to the notice of changes to the operations.

An entrepreneur who produces organic fertiliser products or raw materials for these, treats them technically or stores them, has to be approved by Evira. The approval is specific to the establishment.