MEVI Information System

Suppliers of forest reproductive material, which are included in the forest reproductive material supplier register, can register as users of the forest reproductive material eService. Customers can use the eService for submitting seed collection notifications, in applying for master certificates and for submitting notifications of seed and planting stock lots marketed to other EU member states.

Evira uses the system to monitor seeds’ chains of origin from the forest or forest tree seed orchards to the nursery. It also uses the system to issue master certificates and to supervise trade in forest reproductive material on the EU internal market. Through the on-line service, the system provides assistance in serving basic material customers and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) by providing them with the information and documents required for planning and managing seed orchards. The system is also used for collecting and reporting on control information.

The forest reproductive material information system contains control registers maintained by Evira, such as the forest reproductive material supplier register, basic material register, and master certificate register. The forest reproductive material supplier register contains information on registered places of business and users registered as eService system users. Suppliers obliged to register include suppliers of forest tree seeds and seedlings, alongside marketers and importers of forest reproductive material.

The basic material register contains information on approved basic material. Basic material comprises forest tree seed orchards, seed collection stands and clones approved for vegetative propagation. The master certificate register contains information on all master certificates granted in Finland.

For further information on registration and services, please contact

Kari Leinonen, Senior Officer, tel. +358 40 542 2493 , or
Harri Leinonen, Inspector, tel. +358 50 366 8581

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