Plant health and propagation material register

Registration with Evira’s plant health register is compulsory for those engaged on a professional basis in producing, selling or storing plants that can spread harmful plant diseases and pests. This also applies to those importing or exporting products requiring a phytosanitary certificate. In addition, plant propagation material producers, marketers etc are registered in the plant propagation material register. Register information helps in the targeting of inspections.

The registration requirement applies to regular and continuous activity. For instance, you need not register to import or export a single batch.

Operators obliged to register are listed below. If you are planning to begin operating, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the related registration obligations well in advance. If necessary, contact your region’s plant health inspector or Evira’s plant health unit.

The following operators are generally required to register with Evira’s plant health register:


  • Plant propagation material of vegetable plants
  • Plant propagation material of greenhouse plants
  • Potted plants and plants used in groups
  • Cut flowers
  • Nursery plants
  • Potato
  • Onion sets


  • Wholesalers and agents selling garden plant propagation material
  • Plant stores
  • Potato packaging plants and wholesalers
  • Seed potato marketers
  • Marketing of potatoes to other EU countries
  • Coniferous wood for EU protected zones (Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Corsica)

Import: products requiring a phytosanitary certificate

  • Seedlings and other plant propagation material
  • Cut flowers (certain species)
  • Seeds (certain species)
  • Grain (certain species)
  • Fruit, berries and vegetables (certain species)
  • Potato (import prohibited from most countries)
  • All coniferous wood
  • All hardwood (certain species)

Export: products for which the destination country requires a phytosanitary certificate, for example:

  • Seedlings and other plant propagation material
  • Cut flowers
  • Seeds
  • Fruit, berries and vegetables
  • Potato
  • Timber
  • Grain
  • Culture media
  • For export to Russia, for example some foods and animal feed, cardboard products, malt.

Producers of wooden packing material according to the ISPM 15 -standard must register in  register on holders of labelling rights.

Producers or marketers of fruit, berries or vegetables subject to special quality requirements in the EU must be registered with the fruit and vegetable quality control register.

How to register

To apply for entry in the plant health and propagation material register, complete the related form and send it to the regional ELY-centre. If you are seeking to engage in the production of plant propagation material, or to sell it for resale, the same form is used to apply for the right to use a plant passport and a plant propagation material certificate. The ELY-centre issues decisions in writing on registration and granting the right to use markings. Forms and instructions for registration (in Finnish and Swedish).