Control of plant propagation material

The production of plant propagation material is supervised through inspections carried out at nurseries and sites producing greenhouse plant propagation material. Such inspections are carried out by inspectors from Evira and ELY-centres. The purpose of the inspections is to ensure that plant propagation material produced and offered for sale does not host organisms harmful to plant health and that it meets quality requirements.

Nurseries producing woody plants and perennials are usually inspected once a year. In greenhouses, the production of propagation material of vegetables is inspected twice a month and production of propagation material of ornamental plants once a month.

Inspection of preconditions for registration

Enterprises using a Plant Passport or a supplier's document of propagation material are inspected once a year to ensure that the enterprise in question meets the preconditions for registration, and that the Plant Passport and plant propagation material certificate are used appropriately.