Frequently asked questions

1. I want to import composted manure from Russia and horn meal from Pakistan. What should I do?

The import of by-products of animal origin into the EU area requires treatment of the product in accordance with the regulation on by-products. The entrepreneur has to show that the treatment fulfils the requirements set out in the regulation and that the quality of the product is in compliance with the hygiene requirements in place. A veterinary inspection will be carried out on the product at the border. The product has to be accompanied by a commercial document in accordance with the regulation on by-products. The Border Control Section of the Import and Marketing Control Unit of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira will provide further information.

2. I would like to import fertilisers from China. What should I report to Evira?

The entrepreneur has to provide a notice of initiation of commercial activity and send the notice with attachments to Evira. A plan for the entrepreneur’s own checks and information about the products are to be attached to the notification. Fertiliser products have to have a cadmium certificate and organic fertiliser products have to have a health certificate. An advance notice about the import has to be made at least 3 working days before the goods arrive at the point of import. Evira usually takes a sample of the fertiliser product in conjunction with the first import.