Obligations of entrepreneur

An importer of fertiliser products or raw materials for these has to submit a written notice to Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira about the activity at the latest one month before starting. A plan for own checks and product information have to be attached to the notice.

An advance notice on the fertiliser products or raw materials for these that are to be imported from non-EU countries has to be made to Evira at least three working days before the goods arrives at the point of import. The notice has to be made on a form approved by Evira.

An official certificate on the cadmium content of the product and for animal by-products a health certificate or a certificate of treatment in an approved establishment has to accompany the advance notice as attachments. As to inorganic fertilisers, a cadmium certificate is required only for fertilisers containing phosphorous exceeding 2.2 per cent. A product description has to be attached to the notice, if the information has not been supplied to Evira previously.

An advance notice also has to be made for EC fertilisers when they enter the EU for the first time when they arrive in Finland.

At the end of the calendar year the entrepreneur has to supply Evira with the details of the quantities of fertilisers and raw materials imported. This annual notification is requested for at the end of the year.

Forms and instructions related to fertiliser products are found on Evira’s web site at Evira > Lomakkeet ja ohjeet > Kasvit > Lannoitevalmisteet (in Finnish).