Export of forest reproductive material to non-EU countries

The export of forest reproductive material to non-EU countries must comply with the requirements set by the destination countries. These vary by country and by product. The exporter must contact the destination country’s authorities well in advance of exporting material, to establish the requirements applicable to the products in question. Upon the request of the destination country, Evira will issue the exported lot with an OECD certificate of provenance for reproductive material. Applications for such certificates can be submitted through the MEVI information system.

In general, all living plants and a number of plant products require a phytosanitary certificate, granted by Evira on the basis of the export notification. Exporters of products requiring a phytosanitary certificate must be entered in Evira’s plant health register.

Exported products are inspected through inspections conducted at production sites and inspections of export batches immediately prior to export.