Import of forest reproductive material from non-EU countries

Forest reproductive material can be imported from countries participating in the OECD Scheme for the Certification of Forest Reproductive Material, applicable to international trade. These countries include Canada, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States of America.

Forest reproductive material refers to the cones, seeds and planting stock of tree species key to forestry. The aforementioned tree species are listed in Annex I of the Council Directive 1999/105/EC.

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira grants permits for importing and marketing forest reproductive material batches from the aforementioned OECD countries. To apply for a permit, the importer must submit an import notification containing the following information:

1) name of importer
2) date of import
3) place of import (Customs office)
4) amount of material to be imported.


If the forest reproductive material is imported for the purpose of testing or research, forest tree breeding or retaining the gene pool, the import notification must also indicate the purpose of use and the end user of forest reproductive material.

Importers of forest reproductive material must provide Evira with an official OECD certificate of the region of provenance, on whose basis Evira will issue a master certificate for the material.
A master certificate must be issued for any material prior to its being marketed in the EU area.

Moreover, the importer must contact Evira in advance to establish whether or not the imported lot requires an international Phytosanitary Certificate.