Phytosanitary Certificate

A phytosanitary certificate is a document used in international trade, issued by the plant health authority of the exporting country on shipments that meet the requirements of the destination country. In Finland, Evira issues plant health certificates. The plant health certificate is shipment-specific and subject to a charge.

In most cases, the products listed below require a plant health certificate, but the requirements vary by country.

  • Seedlings and plant propagation material
  • Cut flowers
  • Potted plants, bedding plants, and greenery
  • Seeds
  • Fresh fruit, berries and vegetables
  • Potato
  • Timber
  • Cereals
  • Culture media
  • For export to Russia, for instance some foods and animal feed, cardboard products, and malt.

Apply for phytosanitary certificate by submitting an export notification

You can apply for a phytosanitary certificate by submitting an export notification to Evira, no later than 14 days prior to export. You can submit the export notification either electronically via Evira’s web service, or by sending it on a printed out form.

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