Evira can grant a permit to depart from the import requirements applicable to plants and plant products, if they are imported for scientific research purposes, experimental purposes or for selection of variety. An exceptional permit can be granted only if the import does not involve the risk of harmful plant diseases and pests spreading to Finland.

Granting an exceptional permit requires that the laboratory, or other premises in which the activities are carried out, are approved. Approval is granted on the basis of an inspection conducted by the authorities. On the basis of the inspection results, the permit is either granted or improvements are required to be made in the research premises prior to granting the permit.

After the activities have ended, an inspection can be carried out to verify that the material imported with an exceptional permit has been destroyed so that it does not form a risk of spreading pests. If the applicant frequently imports material that requires an exceptional permit, and the activities are carried out in the same premises, the inspection will not necessarily be conducted for all imported batches.

Applications for an exceptional permit can be submitted to Evira in writing, using the form available through the links on the right. Evira will issue a written decision on granting the permit, specifying the related preconditions.








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