Products requiring a phytosanitary certificate are inspected when imported, prior to handing them over to the recipient. In order to agree on an inspection, the importer must notify the region’s plant health inspector at Evira or an ELY-centre of the arrival time of a shipment at least 24 hours before the arrival. In case of land transport the notification can be given upon arrvival. You can find the plant health inspectors' contact information from the link on the right.

An import inspection is conducted at the point of entry, or, subject to a special permit, at the recipient’s warehouse. During the inspection, the products are examined to establish whether they are free from harmful plant diseases and pests, and whether they meet other requirements for import.

If necessary, the inspector will take samples for testing at the Evira laboratory. If the shipment does not meet with the requirements set for import, its entry to Finland will be prohibited. Measures will be defined concerning the shipment placed under import prohibition, and the importer must carry out the required measures at his/her own cost.

Import inspections are subject to a charge. For prices, please see the link here.




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