Import of coniferous wood from Russia

The import of coniferous wood from Russia is subject to a phytosanitary certificate and the importer must be registered with Evira’s plant health register.

Shipment documents are inspected by Customs. Moreover, a physical plant health inspection is conducted on some shipments. If necessary, Customs will select shipments for this inspection. The inspection is performed by Evira’s or the ELY-centre’s plant health inspector, usually at the destination of the shipment. When transporting the shipment from the point of entry to the destination for inspection, instructions given by Evira and Customs must be complied with.

All shipments of coniferous wood originating in the Asian side of Russia, and all larch shipments, undergo a physical plant health inspection. As concerns shipments from the European side of Russia, comprising tree species other than larch, 3 per cent undergo physical inspection.

A shipment selected for physical inspection may not be taken into use until the inspections and possible laboratory analyses have been completed.

Inspections are subject to a charge. Customs will invoice an inspection fee for all imported shipments requiring a phytosanitary certificate, whether the shipment is inspected or not.






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