1. Are ISPM 15 stamps available from Evira?

No. However, the labelling right decision issued by Evira contains a sample marking. The holder of the labelling right must then acquire a stamp or other labelling tool that complies with the sample. Such a stamp or tool must be capable of producing clear markings. Sample labels may not be modified in any way.

2. I’m exporting goods in wooden packaging to a non-EU country. Must I use the ISPM 15 label?

A list of the countries that have adopted the ISPM 15 standard is available on Evira’s webpage, under Export. This list contains all countries that, according to Evira’s knowledge, require ISPM 15-compliant treatment and the marking of wooden packaging material. The list is not necessarily complete. Therefore, if necessary, the recipient of goods should be requested to find out about export requirements by contacting the destination country’s plant health authorities.

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