The intra-EU trade of fertiliser products

Entrepreneurs placing fertiliser products on the market have to supply the Section for Fertiliser Products of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira with a notice of initiation of commercial activity at least one month before the start of the operation.

An advance notice on the import of fertiliser products from within the EU has to be given at the latest 3 working days before the product arrives and a notice on the import of ammonium nitrate fertilisers high in nitrogen have to be given at the latest 5 working days before the import. An advance notice does not have to be given for “EC fertilisers” when they come from another EU member country.

Forms and instructions related to fertiliser products are found on Evira’s web site at Evira > Lomakkeet ja ohjeet > Kasvit > Lannoitevalmisteet (in Finnish) .

Requirements for marketing

By-products of animal origin

Within the trade in the internal market with organic fertilisers of animal origin and other fertiliser products containing by-products of animal origin (including manure), the Decrees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1002/2010 and 977/2006 also have to be complied with. According to these regulations, the importer has to report to the register maintained by the Animal Health and Welfare Unit at Evira.

Category 2 material is not permitted to be imported for use as fertiliser products, with the exception of manure and manure products which are treated in accordance with the regulation on by-products.  


Fertilisers with a phosphorus content of a minimum of 2.2 per cent (5 % P 2O 5) are permitted to contain a maximum of 50 mg cadmium (Cd) per kilo of phosphorus (P). This also covers fertilisers in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003. In other fertiliser products the maximum permitted cadmium content is 1.5 mg/kg dry matter.

Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate fertilisers containing over 28 % nitrogen have to meet the requirements set out in EU regulation 2003/2003. Manufacturers should ensure that ammonium nitrate fertilisers with high nitrogen content have passed a test of resistance to detonation before they are placed on the market.

The farmer as importer of fertiliser products

The duty of prior notification also concerns farmers who import fertiliser products for their own use. EC fertilisers, which are inorganic fertilisers in accordance with regulation (EC) No 2003/2003, are not subject to prior notification.