Requirements for marketing

 By-products of animal origin

Within the trade in the internal market with organic fertilisers of animal origin and other fertiliser products containing by-products of animal origin (including manure), the Decrees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1002/2010 and 977/2006 also have to be complied with. According to these regulations, the importer has to report to the register maintained by the Animal Health and Welfare Unit at Evira.

Category 2 material is not permitted to be imported for use as fertiliser products, with the exception of manure and manure products which are treated in accordance with the regulation on by-products.  


Fertilisers with a phosphorus content of a minimum of 2.2 per cent (5 % P 2O 5) are permitted to contain a maximum of 50 mg cadmium (Cd) per kilo of phosphorus (P). This also covers fertilisers in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003. In other fertiliser products the maximum permitted cadmium content is 1.5 mg/kg dry matter.

Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate fertilisers containing over 28 % nitrogen have to meet the requirements set out in EU regulation 2003/2003. Manufacturers should ensure that ammonium nitrate fertilisers with high nitrogen content have passed a test of resistance to detonation before they are placed on the market.