Obligations for suppliers of forest reproductive material

Forest reproductive material may be produced, marketed and imported only by suppliers entered in the forest reproductive material supplier register maintained by Evira. 

Forest reproductive material batches must be identified and kept separate during all stages of production. Marketed seedlings must be healthy and vigorous and suitable for forest cultivation. Batches placed on the market must be accompanied by the label of the forest reproductive material supplier or another document containing the information specified in the regulations.

Forest reproductive material suppliers must maintain production bookkeeping for all forest reproductive material that they produce, buy and market. The production bookkeeping must include the name of the forest reproductive material supplier, the amount of forest reproductive material and information on the marketing target of the lot in question. As concerns the production of seed and seedling batches, bookkeeping must contain identifying information on each lot. As regards buying, marketing and import, it must include the information passed to the buyer.