Production accounts

Forest reproductive material suppliers must maintain production account for any forest reproductive material they produce, buy, market or import.

Buying, marketing and import

Production bookkeeping must contain information on the following: from whom the batch was bought and to whom it was marketed. Moreover, it must contain information given to the buyer for each batch of seeds or seedlings (label information).

Production of seed and seedling batches

Production bookkeeping must include the following information:

1) master certificate code and number
2) botanical name of tree species and, for material produced in Finland, the name in Finnish or Swedish
3) forest reproductive material category
4) purpose of use of forest reproductive material
5) basic material type
6) basic material register reference or identifying code of region of provenance
7) region of provenance for basic material in the ‘source identified’ category and the related longitude and latitude zones, region of provenance for basic material in the ‘source selected’ category and geographical location defined according to longitude and latitude, and the precise geographical location of basic material in the categories ‘qualified’ and ‘tested’.
8) information on whether the basic material is native, non-native, or whether the origin is unknown, and whether the basic material is located in its native area of distribution or beyond. As concerns basic material which is non-native or located beyond its native area of distribution, the origin must be indicated if known.
Production bookkeeping material must be retained for at least ten years from the end of the year during which the forest reproductive material lot in question was marketed or used.