Quality requirements for seedlings of forest-trees

Marketed seedlings must be healthy and vigorous, and suitable for forest cultivation in other respects.

A seedling does not fulfil these requirements if:

1) the seedling is affected by organisms harmful to plant health and that reduce its vigour, or shows signs of the damage done by such organisms;

2) the roots or shoot of the plant show excessive bending, the roots are detrimentally twisted or insufficiently developed, or the roots of a ball-seedling do not tie the ball sufficiently;

3) the seedling’s leader shoot is abnormal or the seedling is excessively branched; or

4) the seedling shows signs of damage to the bark, or tears or damage caused by frost or dryness.

Many seedlings may contain individual plants that fail to meet the aforementioned quality requirements. However, the number of these must not exceed five percent of the total number of seedlings.