Supplier's label for seedlings of forest-trees

ither on seedling packages or in documents accompanying the lot, buyers of forest reproductive material must be provided with the following information in compliance with regulations issued on selling forest reproductive material. Plant passport markings are required from seedling batches for almost all tree species. Plant passport and seedling label markings can also be combined. In addition, if the seedlings have been treated with pesticides, this must be indicated on the package. Label templates are accessible via the link below. 

Combined EC-Plant passport / Supplier's label:

 The label will open to a browser new window by clicking the picture.

Information compliant with the Act on Trade in Forest Reproductive Material

1) name or business name of the supplier of forest reproductive material
2) master certificate code and number
3) botanical name of tree species and, for material produced in Finland, name in Finnish or Swedish
4) age and type of seedlings
5) amount of forest reproductive material
6) forest reproductive material category
7) basic material type
8) basic material register reference or identifying code of region of provenance
9) region of provenance for basic material in the ‘source identified’ category and the related longitude and latitude zones, region of provenance for basic material in the ‘source selected’ category and geographical location defined according to longitude and latitude, and the precise geographical location of basic material in the categories ‘qualified’ and ‘tested’.
10) information on whether the basic material is native, non-native, or whether the origin is unknown, and whether the basic material is located in its native area of distribution or beyond. For basic material which is non-native or located beyond its native area of distribution, the origin must be identified if known.
11) purpose of use of forest reproductive material
12) for tested material, information on whether the material has undergone genetic modification
13) if necessary, indication of vegetative propagation.

In addition, the following information must be given on forest reproductive material produced and marketed in Finland:

14) utilisation area for material in the categories ‘qualified’ and ‘tested’
15) average height of seedling lot and minimum length of an individual seedling in the seedling lot, plus growing density of ball-seedlings
16) for seedlings kept in cool or frozen storage, the storage end date
17) dispatch date and, for seedlings packaged in closed packages, packaging date.

Information compliant with the Act on Protecting Plant Health

1) Plant Passport identifier
2) Identification for Finland
3) Code of Finland’s plant protection authority
4) Forest reproductive material supplier register code (= plant protection register number)
5) Seedling lot number
6) The scientific name of the plant
7) Number of seedlings
8) Marking of plant passport replaced (if necessary)