Control in the internal market trade of plants and plant products

Internal market trade in plants and plant products is controlled through inspections carried out in plant stores and garden wholesalers by plant inspectors from Evira and ELY centres.

The purpose of inspections is to detect any quarantine pests or diseases. If necessary, samples are taken to facilitate laboratory tests, which verify whether the organism in question is a quarantine organism. As concerns garden plant propagation material, account is taken of other pests and diseases besides quarantine ones.

In addition to pests, inspections pay attention to the quality of garden plant propagation material and the appropriateness of plant passport and supplier’s document labels.

Plant lots that fail to meet the requirements of the Plant Health Act or Plant Propagation Material Act will be placed under a marketing ban. The inspector will issue a written decision concerning the ban, specifying the measures to be taken with respect to the banned lot. The holders of the goods in question must perform the required measures at their own expense.


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