Plant label

So-called labels are used on garden plant propagation material offered for retail sale. In retail sales, the label replaces the plant passport and provides retail customers with key information on the plant in question.

A label can be a tag, slat, sticker etc. attached to the plant, indicating the following:

  • Plant name in Finnish or Swedish
  • The scientific name of the plant
  • The variety or plant category
  • The country of origin
  • The name of the seller or grower

Separate labels attached to each plant are required from arborescent ornamental plants, fruit and berry plants, perennials, perennial flower bulbs, tubers etc. as well as vegetable plant propagation material. A shared label announcing the plant’s name will suffice for greenery, potted plants, plants used in groups and flower bulbs.

Labelling requirements also apply to mail order and internet sales

Label information must be given, even when the buyer cannot see the plants for sale, as in the case of mail order sales or when selling plants on the Internet. In such a case, grading labels, i.e. the size or age of the plants for sale, must be given in addition to the aforementioned details. Lists or Internet pages must mention the name of the plant in the case of greenery, potted plants and plants used in groups, and forced flower bulbs.


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