Quality requirements for plant propagation material

Plant propagation material sold both for professional further cultivation and to consumers must meet the quality requirements set in the Plant Propagation Material Act. These requirements are as follows:

  • The lot must be of uniform quality and typical of the plant species and variety.
  • Plants must be normally developed as regards plant and variety characteristics and stage of development. The root system must be healthy.
  • No damage may have been caused due to too high or too low a temperature.
  • Plant propagation material must not show any major frost damage or mechanical damage that might impede later development.
  • Normal sap pressure.
  • Containerised plants must be rooted. Bare root plants must be in a dormant state.
  • In normal conditions, when correctly planted and appropriately tended, the plant takes root and begins to grow.
  • Seeds have a satisfactory germination capacity.





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