EU internal market of potato

Potatoes marketed in Finland and the EU region must be labelled with the producer’s or packager’s plant protection register number. This requirement applies to all potatoes, regardless of the form of packaging, intended for food and industrial purposes. For seed potatoes, the plant protection register number must be given on a Plant Passport combined with an official label.

In the case of seed potatoes, a Plant Passport requires official inspections and certification. The purpose of the plant protection register number, used in the marketing of other potatoes, is to ensure the traceability of each batch of potatoes. The register number proves that the supplier in question is registered in Evira’s plant health register. No actual inspection and testing requirements apply to potatoes other than seed potatoes marketed in the EU area, but no organisms harmful to plant health may be present in the potatoes.

Inspectors of Evira and ELY-centres conduct annual pest inspections on potato farms. Market surveillance inspections are carried out as random tests on potato batches moving in the EU internal market, in case of the occurrence of pests or organisms harmful to plant health. If any of these are found, the control authority will issue an order for the batch in question to be duly destroyed. Any costs and losses due to destruction will remain the responsibility of the possessor of goods.

Quality requirements listed in the Finnish Potato Decree apply to Finnish food potatoes. Since the Finnish Potato Decree is a national regulation, its requirements do not apply to food potato batches marketed from other EU countries or to other EU countries.