A new finding of Colorado Potato Beetle in Parikkala


<div>A new infestation of the Colorado potato beetle has been found in Särkisalmi in Parikkala. Evira’s monitoring team found the new infestation whilst conducting a routine survey, at a distance of about four kilometres from the first infestation found in Parikkala two weeks ago. </div>

The infestation is relatively small, but in the inspections were found different development stages of the beetle; that is to say larvae and pupae that had burrowed into the soil.  Preventative measures in accordance with Evira’s plan were taken at the infestation spot.

New sightings or suspected infestations of Colorado beetles are to be reported immediately to Evira’s plant protection service or to the TE-centre’s plant protection inspector.   The general emergency phone number for reporting the findings is 0400 442 209.

Additional information for reporting of any findings, and photos and information about the Colorado potato beetle may be found on Evira’s web pages at the address: www.evira.fi/koloradonkuoriainen

For additional information:
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, phone 020 77 25047 and 040 7049607
Chief Inspector Ville Welling, Evira, phone 020 77 25072 and 040 7764502

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