Adult Colorado Potato Beetles are now being looked for in the potato plantings


<div>The larvae of the Colorado potato beetle pupate in the ground at the end of July. The hot weather accelerates the hatching of the pupae, and it is possible that a new generation of adult beetles will be found in the potato plantings in the weeks to come. As individual infestations may still not have been found, the potato plantings have to be monitored until they are harvested.</div>

Both commercial plantations and garden plots have been monitored. In the follow-up of the earlier findings in Sipoo and Parikkala no more beetles have been found, which would indicate that the control measures have been effective. The risk that the generation of beetles that hatched during the summer would spread to Finland from areas nearby is not very great, as the beetles will overwinter where they are.

It is difficult to find Colorado potato beetles at the pupate stage, but adult beetles are easier to spot on the potato leaves. During warm and sunny days especially, the beetles move to the top parts of the potato plants. The adult Colorado potato beetles should be found before they burrow back into the ground to overwinter. If potato plants with the leaves eaten off are found among the plantings, there may have been larvae in that spot that have then burrowed into the ground to pupate. Round holes on the ground surface are a sign of Colorado potato beetles that have pupated.

It is very important that both commercial growers and home growers are active in the search for Colorado potato beetles. Contact information for the reporting of any sightings and pictures and information about the Colorado potato beetle may be found (in Finnish and Swedish) on Evira's Internet pages:

For more information, please contact:
Senior Inspector Olli Elfving, tel. 020 77 25048 and 0400 808 522
Senior Officer Jaana Hietala, Evira, tel. 020 77 25043

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