Adverse liver effects reported for users of Hydroxycut products


<p>Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has been informed about a case of liver damage diagnosed in Finland, suspected of having been caused by the food supplement Hydroxycut. The product had been purchased from abroad. Evira advises consumers to stop the use of Hydroxycut products and return them to the seller.</p>

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published on 1 May 2009 a warning on their web site, urging consumers to discontinue the use of Hydroxycut food supplement products immediately due to suspicions of serious liver injuries. Hydroxycut products are suspected of having caused liver damage to several patients. The warning applies to Hydroxycut products sold under "Iovate" and "Muscle Tech" brands and manufactured by Iovate Health Sciences, Oakville, Ontario. The distributor of the products is Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. The manufacturer has voluntarily recalled the products from the market in USA. The products contain several ingredients (e.g. herbal extracts) and the composition of the products has been changed many times, which has made it impossible so far to establish the cause of the possible liver damage.

Evira advises consumers to stop the use of Hydroxycut products and return them to the seller.

If users have any symptoms typical of liver damage, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, fatigue, darkening of urine, or jaundice, they should seek medical advice.

In Finland Hydroxycut products are primarily sold in online stores. The products are marketed particularly as fat burners. Evira has been in contact with Finnish online stores Aminopörssi, Wellneteus and Wellmax, and these stores have recalled the products from the market as a precautionary measure and will inform the consumers about this. The consumers can contact the sellers should they have any questions.

As far as the Swedish online store Fitnesstukku is concerned, which serves customers also in Finnish, the matter will be transferred to Swedish authorities. If other sales channels marketing Hydroxycut products are revealed, the products will be withdrawn from the market and the consumers will be informed about the withdrawal.

The warning issued by FDA:

For more information, please contact:
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