African swine fever in Lithuania causing import restrictions


<p>According to information from Lithuanian veterinary authorities, two wild boars in Alytus and Vilnius counties in south-eastern Lithuania were found to have African swine fever (ASF). The European Commission made a protective decision to forbid the transfer of pigs and porcine products from the infected area. The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira requests hunters, tourists and anyone else arriving in Finland from Lithuania to observe the import restrictions on pig and wild boar products.</p>

Pork and porcine products may also pose a considerable risk in spreading the disease into Finland. Feeding food waste to animals is forbidden throughout the EU. Visitors to farms and participants in hunts must take care of appropriate disinfection afterwards.

The African swine fever is an extremely serious and spreads easily in pigs. Humans cannot contract the virus. ASF can have a high mortality rate in pigs. As it spreads easily, it can quickly cause major damage to the pig industry, food production and food exports.

The disease has spread in Russia and Belarus among the farm pig and wild boar population. Major steps have been taken within the EU to try to contain the disease. The disease has never been found in Finland.

Evira still requests hunters to report wild boars that have been found dead or appear ill and to send samples to be tested for African swine fever.

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