All of the fur farms have been inspected


<p>The provincial veterinary officer of the Regional State Administrative Agency and municipal veterinarians have inspected all of the 30 fur farms from which the organisation Oikeutta Eläimille (Justice for Animals) presented picture material on 17.2.2010. The number of farms increased from the original 29, as there were two different farms on one site. On one farm there were no animals. During the inspections, omissions were found on five farms or 17 per cent of the farms where there were animals. Advice was given to two farms.</p>

Observed omissions were broken shelves in the cages, with some of the foxes there were no shelves at all and some did not have chewing sticks which are used for stimulation. On one farm broken cage floors were discovered. In one instance, it had not been ensured that it was not possible to escape from the farm. On some farms there were shortcomings in the care of the animals or in the bookkeeping with regards to dead animals. No animals were found during the controls that would have had to be put down due to illness or injury.

The farmers in question have been given an order to correct the detected shortcomings by a certain date. After that date, new controls will be carried out to verify that the shortcomings have been corrected.

On farms where shortcomings have been found, a request for investigation will be given to the police.

Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira was given the details of the fur farms on 18.2.2010 by the organisation Oikeutta Eläimille, which had published the material. Based on the material there was reason to suspect that the Animal Welfare legislation had been breached, which is why Evira ordered the Regional State Administrative Agencies to ensure that an immediate animal welfare inspection be carried out on the farms in question.

The inspections started on 22.2.2010 and the last farm was inspected on 5.3.

For additional information:
Head of Section Taina Mikkonen, tel. 040 830 8404
Head of Unit Jaana Mikkola, tel. 040 831 8425


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