Already 100 000 animals in the Sheep and Goat Register


<div>The number of animals entered into the Sheep and Goat Register, which is published in the beginning of this year, already exceeds 100 000. Out of these 95 000 are sheep and 5 000 goats. The average farm has about 20 ewes and offspring. </div>

Of the sheep reported, half are Finnsheep, 32 per cent are crosses and 10 per cent are Texels. More exact statistics on the breeds, species and sex distribution: Statistical information from the Sheep and Goat Register 18.7.2008 (pdf, 24 Kb).

Most of the animals in the register are females. This is why we can assume that most of those born last spring will be entered in the register by the end of autumn. The offsprings have to be entered by the time they are 6 months old. Other events have to be entered in the register within 7 days from the event.

During the summer the development work on the internet application of the register has concentrated on improving its functionality. A new update of the application will be published in August which will be a faster version.

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