Annual report 2009 on control of the food chain of Finland


<p>The Finnish 2009 annual report on the implementation of the multiannual national control plan for the food chain was submitted to the Commission on 30 June 2010 as required by EU Regulations. Overall, the objectives set forth for control were achieved reasonably well. The safety of food products remained on a good level in Finland and the consumers had trust in the safety and quality of food products as well as in food control. The efforts taken to prevent and eradicate plant and animal diseases proved effective.</p>

Food safety remained on a good level in Finland despite the shortage of particularly municipal control resources. No severe special situations arose in the food sector, but in the future more attention shall be paid, particularly in food control, to the use of coercive measures when shortcomings justifying such measures are found. The consumers' trust in food control was measured through a trust image survey and the results reflected strong trust in the safety and control of food products.

The animal disease status remained good in Finland and there were no severe outbreaks of animal diseases. In order to resolve the inadequacy of resources available for animal welfare control, a legal reform has been undertaken, which improves the efficiency of animal welfare control by increasing control resources both in regional administration and on municipal level and also by eliminating the so-called bias problem in municipal control. The trend toward larger production units and segregated production phases, with the total number of cattle farms continuously on the decrease, creates specific challenges to the control of animal diseases and animal welfare and to waste management in the farms.

Despite the growing risks of the sector, the control of agricultural production supplies and plant health ensured that only products conforming to regulations reached the market. All non-conformities that were found were challenged and thereby caused no risks to food safety, animal health and welfare or plant health. One special situation regarding feed control occurred in Finland in 2009; it was resolved successfully without any people being affected by it.

The annual report was prepared in collaboration between all the control authorities of the food chain. On the basis of the information collected from the authorities, Evira assessed the implementation of the control plans, compiled summaries and analysed the success of control measures in the different sectors. The team comprised of representatives of key control authorities for the coordination of the control of the food chain was heard in the preparation of the final report.

The authorities involved in the food chain improved their ability to plan their actions and analyse the success and the development needs of their operation through the adoption of a consistent and established planning and reporting process. The assessment of the outcome and implementation of control efforts, which is one part of the report, also provides an excellent foundation for continuous improvement of actions in the entire control chain.

The 2009-2013 Finnish national multiannual control plan for the food chain is posted on the web (in Finnish) at:
and the year 2009 annual report (in Finnish) at:

The annual report will be published in Swedish in the autumn of 2010.

For more information, please contact:
Ulla Poutiainen-Lindfors, Head of the Control Management Unit, tel. +358 (0) 50 575 2387
Susanna Pesonen, Director, Food Safety, tel. +358 (0) 40 169 0266
Matti Puolimatka, Director, Plant Production and Health, tel. +358 (0) 40 762 5126
Jaana Mikkola, Head of Animal Health and Welfare Unit, tel. +358 (0) 40 831 8425


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