Authorisation for feed additives has to be reapplied for


<div>Only feed additives authorised by the EU are approved for the market and can be fed to animals. The manufacturer or marketer of the additive has to make a new application for re-evaluation of products that are in the register of feed additives. The application has to be filed with the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) by 7.11.2010. New rules for applications for authorisation were published in May.</div>

The re-evaluation concerns feed additives authorised pursuant to directive 70/524/EEC and urea, its derivatives, amino acids and their salts and analogues authorised pursuant to directive 82/471/EEC,. It is now necessary to also file an application for silage additives that have not gone through the authorisation procedure of the Community whatsoever. A new application has to be filed by 7.11.2010 for all of those so-called existing products that were notified to the Commission in November 2004.

When applying for authorisation both for feed additives that are already in the register and are to be re-evaluated and for authorisation of new feed additives the European Food Safety Authority EFSA will make an assessment on the safety and efficacy based on the application. The Commission will make the decision for authorisation in conjunction with the Member States. An additive will be authorised for 10 years pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003, after which it is possible to reapply for authorisation. The authorisations are given in the form of regulations and the authorised additives will be entered in the register.

If no applications for a so-called existing feed additive have been filed by the due date of 7.11.2010, a regulation shall be adopted requiring the withdrawal from the market of the additive in question within a set time.

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