Avian infectious laryngotracheitis diagnosed in a hobby flockin Western Finland


<p>Avian infectious laryngotracheitis ILT has been diagnosed in a hobby flockin Western Finland. The diagnosis was made when a dead chicken was sent from the farm to Evira for autopsy. The infection was confirmed in further examinations carried out by Evira. The source of the infection is unknown. ILT has previously occurred in Finland in 1978. The infection is not transmitted to people.</p>

The herpes virus that causes ILT can infect also pheasants and peafowl, in addition to chickens. The virus, which causes symptoms of varying degrees in the respiratory tract as well as reduced egg production, has spread worldwide. The disease is elsewhere fought by means of vaccinations. In Finland, compliance with general disease protection guidelines is the approach adopted to prevent the spreading of the disease.

ILT is not officially a disease under regulatory eradication in Finland, but suspected cases of the infection must be immediately reported to veterinary authorities. Poultry operators have made a voluntary agreement to fight the disease by the means available to them when poultry is imported to Finland. Evira also carries out regular ILT antibody analyses on poultry health control samples.

For more information, please contact:
Christine Ek-Kommonen, Evira, Senior Researcher,
Animal Disease Virology Research Unit, tel. +358 50 514 3926
Laila Rossow, Evira, Senior Researcher,
Production Animal and Wildlife Health Research Unit, tel. +358 50 544 1953

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