Batch of fat imported from Sweden delivered for technical purposes


<div>Investigations carried out by Evira show that the batch of fat imported to Finland, which had been produced using bovine vertebral fat, has been delivered to Russia for technical purposes. Bovine vertebral column has been classified to present TSE risk, and its use as a raw material in foodstuffs or feed has been banned. </div>

It was brought to light in Sweden last week that a Swedish company had supplied bovine vertebral fat to different countries for use as a raw material in foodstuffs and feed.
A batch of 116240 kg of fat produced using this raw material had been delivered to Finland. The entire batch was delivered to a single fat processing plant, which further delivered it in June to a single Russian recipient for technical purposes. Evira's investigations confirmed that this fat has not been used in Finland in foodstuffs or feed or for technical purposes.

The Department of Food and Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry together with Evira has informed the Russian authorities about the matter.

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