Batch of fat imported from Sweden has not been used for food or feed


<div>In Sweden it has been observed that bovine spinal cord has ended up as raw material for food and feed. Bovine spinal cord is classified as a TSE risk material and it is prohibited to use it for food and feed purposes.</div>

Evira has received information via the EU rapid alert system (RASFF) that 116 240 kg of fat produced from the raw material in question has been delivered to Finland. According to preliminary information, the batch in question has not ended up into food or feed production. Evira is continuing to investigate the matter.

A TSE risk material consists of those parts of bovines, sheep and goats through which it has been considered that BSE might potentially infect humans. The World Organisation for Animal Health OIE has found that the risk of BSE in Finland and Sweden is insignificant.

More information on BSE (in Finnish):

The press release of the Swedish National Food Administration:

For additional information, please contact: Head of Unit Kyösti Siponen tel. 050 386 8412

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