Broiler poultry farmers required to provide proficiency certificate


<p>In future, a proficiency certificate issued by a proficiency examiner is required from broiler chicken farmers. However, if the person in question has at least three years’ experience in keeping broiler chickens by 30 June 2010, he or she can apply for a certificate attesting to a comparable qualification, by contacting the local Regional State Administrative Agency before 1 May 2012.</p>

The Animal Welfare Act requires that broiler chicken keepers in charge of a minimum of 500 birds have at least a level of proficiency, and the related certificate, corresponding to the qualification module specialising in meat poultry recognised by the Finnish National Board of Education. This certificate is issued by the proficiency examiner, authorised by the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide basic or further vocational training.

By law, the aforementioned training is not required from a person who has accumulated at least three years’ practical experience of keeping broiler chickens by 30 June 2010. However, such a person must submit an application to the Regional State Administrative Agency by 1 May 2012, for a certificate attesting to a comparable qualification. To facilitate the granting of the certificate, an account of any practical experience acquired must be appended to the application.

The proficiency requirement for keepers of broiler chickens is based on the amendment to the Animal Welfare Act that entered into force on 1 May 2011. Its objective is to ensure the welfare of broiler chicken.

For application forms and further information, please contact the Provincial Veterinary Officer of your local Regional State Administrative Agency. For contact information of Regional State Administrative Agency offices, please see

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Regulations (in Finnish): (Amendment to the Animal Welfare Act - Eläinsuojelulain muutos, 321/2011) (Government decree on the protection of broiler chicken - Valtioneuvoston asetus broilereiden suojelusta, 375/2011)

For further information, please contact:
Senior Inspector Helena Hepola, Unit for Animal Health and Welfare, tel. 040 4893353

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